Just set up a branch office and was hoping to be able to set up it's printers on the main offices server.

I've got static nat mapping a public ip to each printer.

The cool solution article I found seemed to indicate that I just need to open port 631 (stateful) to print to these guys, but that doesn't work.

etherpeek shows me that there are 2 communication streams between the server with the ndps manager and the printer

stream1 is snmp from port 1042 on the ndps manager server to port 161 on the printer
stream 2 is what I see when I print to it

from port 821 on the ndps manager server to port 515 on the printer.

I see no port 631 at all during this communication. I take it, that's the port that the pc talks to the ndps manager on.

So to connect to these remote printers, do I need to open the ports to allow the above communication to take place, or is there something I've misconfigured?