We have 40+ NW65SP8 servers using SLP with a static SLP.CFG file on each server, but 1 server is not playing nice. With SLP DA DISCOVERY OPTIONS set to 4 and the proper entries entered in SLP.CFG, SET=SLP RESET=ON says "SLP reset is complete" but the DISPLAY SLPDA command shows 0 active & 0 inactive.

With SLP DA DISCOVERY OPTIONS set to 2 & the SLP scope and DA IPs set in DHCP, this server will pick up SLP info correctly. All other servers use their local SLP.CFG file as expected.

My questions are:

* Does anyone know what could cause this static config to fail?

* Is there a compelling reason to use static config over DHCP?

If the DHCP method works, then changes to SLP config are much easier. However, I don't like having servers rely on DHCP for any config information. Any opinions would be welcome.