want to remote control a machine out on the internet from my desk, sitting
all cozy here behind BM 3.8, spk2 on nw6.5 spk2.

I also have recent versions of Craig's books.

I set up 2 filter exceptions, according to the instructions in the packet
filtering book, (which also list udp port 22..but I believe that is
obsolete, and no longer necessary).

source: private
dest: public
source port (all)
dest. port: 5631
statefull filtering: enabled

source: private
dest: public
protocol: udp
source port (all)
dest. port 5632
statefull filtering: enabled

doesn't work.

I set my pc up on the other side of the bm server w/ a "live" ip address,
and I can connect to the internet host with no problem.

If it makes any difference, this host I'm trying to control is behind a
linksys dsl router, using port forwarding. I connect to the public ip
address of the router, and it forwards ports 5631 and 5632 to the internal
192.168.x.x address of the pc on the other side. (no "port 22").

I'll try making response filters, and see if that works. but 2 statefulls
doesn't seem to.