Hi all
Still cannot get my Patch Management to work. Now looking at the licenceing side.

If I deactivate my Patch Management licence in ZCM Configuration/Product Licensing, the info (Subscription Serial number, Company info etc) is still greyed out and can not be changed. I verify the licence and it says that I have 280 non-expired licences. Restart Zenworks but the info is still greyed out.

If I reactivate PM I get the option in Configuration/Patch Management/Subscription Service Information and all appears good. Subscription replication status is complete, Subscription Service History Status shows complete etc. but the 'server device' and 'Service Running' boxes are also 'greyed out'.(This could be normal as I only have one ZCM server). I would have thought that you should be able to start/stop the service here rather than deactivating it.

My customer portal only refers to my licence as Novell ZENworks 7 Patch Management, powered by PatchLink Update 6.2 and it is a different subscription number to the 'greyed out' one. I think I might be 'stuck' on an eval or previous version licence. If true how would I go about updating the licence?

Anyone with the same settings?