We have 2 BM servers. I recently rebuilt one and now it has NetWare
OES and BM 3.8 SP3. I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to bring over
the filters from our other BM server which is 3.7. Here are the steps
that I am using on the 3.8 server:

1. INETCFG-->Protocols-->TCP/IP-->Filter Support (Disable)
2. I then delete all of the objects in the NBMRuleContainer. (Both
servers are in the same OU)
3. Copy filters.cfg from old to new server
4. Reinitialize system
5. Load brdcfg and select the public card
6. Unload ipflt, ipxflt and filtsrv
8. unload FILTSRV
9 Reinitialize system

Now when I go into FILTCFG, I only see the default filters for 3.8 not
all of the ones from my old server.

My board names are the same on both servers (Public and Private).

What am I missing?