Hi guys,

We're running a 2 node OES2 SP2 NCS cluster for our file server. We've got 7 volumes over 6 pools and if I bring each resource online one at a time everything works fine.

Today we had an issue that caused node1 to go offline (we are currently running all resources on node 1, node 2 as effective standby) and all resources reported that they failed over to node 2 fine. When I checked for mounted volumes not all were there, only about half. If I offline and online a resource it mounts fine so there is nothing wrong with the load script. I am unable to find any logs that might help me troubleshoot this. I have been able to replicate it by shutting off ncs one 1 node, when the resources fail over not all volumes mount. If I migrate one at a time there is no issue.

Has anyone come across anything like this before?