I am evaluating Citrix XenDesktop 4, with Windows 7 desktops, which have Citrix virtual desktop agent and Novell client 2 sp1 for vista/2008.

WITHOUT the Citrix virtual desktop agent installed, the default authentication is the Novell login prompt, and when you login to Novell it also automatically logs you into the Windows domain (as long as passwords match). This is normal behaviour with Windows/Novell, and is exactly what I want to happen.

As soon as I install the Citrix virtual desktop agent (v4.0.4522), the default authentication becomes Windows, and you then need to authenticate to Novell seperately, i.e. you have to login twice - once to Windows domain and once to Novell eDirectory. My users will not accept having to authenticate twice. There does not seem to be any way of making the Novell client take precedence. Re-installing the Novell client doesn't fix it.

Is there any way of setting it back to default to Novell login with automatic authentication to Windows (i.e. same as before the virtual desktop agent ws installed)?

I assume that the installation of the virtual desktop agent does something to the Novell credential provider. Maybe there is a registry setting to set the default back to Novell credential provider?

Any help would be much appreciated.