I have a server netware 6.5 with 2 NIC interfaces with different ip address ( one is 10.1.x.x and the other is 10.8.x.x)
I solved my previous problem : to create a route to reach the PDC. Now I can login into the domain from network 10.8.x.x. and see my files that are on my server novell ( Previous thread).

I have set the name of the CIFS server equal to the name of the Novell server....and works!!!

I'm unable to understand why I have to put CIFS Server Name must be different from the NetWare server!!!
What are the contraindications?

If I ping the Novell server from the network 10.1.xx respond with the address 10.1.aa
but if I ping the server from a PC that belongs to the network 10.8.yy, the server will respond with the address 10.8.b.b.

regards monica