I have gone through the steps to migrate iPrint on Netware to iPrint on Linux/OES2. It was successful in that printers migrated properly to the new iprint.printer.chi.il.hcsc container. Now I am doing the following post migration task so the workstation's printers will not be affected:

Change the DNS Service to point to the new server: If you want to use the same DNS name for your print server, complete the following procedure:

On the target server, edit the /etc/opt/novell/iprint/conf/ipsmd.conf file by changing the value of the PSMHostAddress field to the DNS name you are currently using.

Down the target server. Unloaded the Broker and Print Manager, rem out load statements.

Down the source server.

Update your DNS tables to reflect the target servers address.

Start the target server.

If I do not do the above the workstation's printers will not work and will need to be reinstalled which we want to avoid. So I have done the above, changed the PSMHostAddress to equal dvnwcaprint.dev.hcscint.net but the print manager is not staying loaded. I have checked DNS and the change has taken affect. If I change the PSMHostAddress value back to which is the server's ip address the print manager stays loaded. I have also unloaded the Netware print manager that I migrated the printers from along with unloading the broker.

Any suggestions as to why the print manager is to how to get the print manager to stay loaded?