I am posting this here in the GW forum since it deals with the address book but I will also post it in the edirectory forum as well.

We are trying to come up with a way to allow our users to maintain their own Groupwise address book contact info (phone, room, address, etc). We have an corporate intranet portal that we would like them to be able to do this through. Click a link on the portal, enter their userid and password, change info, and click save.

We initially thought of using API's but because we are wanting to do this web-based, and the API's are all win32 type apps, we need to stick with Java or Perl or something along those lines.

So we've been considering LDAP. Spoke to Novell Support and they said that it CAN be done -- but they don't support that kind of modification.

So I come to the community. Has anyone used LDAP to create a method for the end-users to modify their own contact info? Have you perhaps used a different method? Third-party apps?

Any input would be appreciated.