I have a Teaming 2.0 installation which has two domains (default and extranet). The extranet zone has a virtual host name, extranet.mydomain.com. Users can access either site without problem, using their unique URLs. I have just created a third Zone called ishare, again with a unique URL for the virtual host name (ishare.mydomain.com).

When I enter http://ishare.mydomain.com into a browser (Internet X or Firefox), I get the following error:

Forbidden 403
You don't have permission to access /ssf/a/do on this server.
Server at ishare.mydomain.com Port 80

The 403 error indicates that the client is talking to the server but the server wont let it access the requested resource.

I assume that all three Zones are sharing the same /ssf/a folder, so why does it work for two and not all of them?

Any ideas folks?