Hi all: Based on the advise from several users here, I am implementing ZCM10sp2 using our MSSQL 2005 server. I have created a new instance for ZCM (called ZCM) on the SQL server. But I am having problems with the ZCM install seeing the database.

A note about my SQL server. The new ZCM instance has user defined datapath which points to large attached MSA. The path is S:\ZCM\MSSQL\Data. All my database instances are setup this way.

OK, so during the installation I am queried as to the database type (MSSQL), server IP, port, instance name, Admin user, password, and domain. We use Windows authentication rather than the "sa" account. This all goes fine. However on the next screen I get a grayed box asking me to specify the database location. It is predefined as c:\database. I switch it to S:\ZCM\MSSQL\Data. Proceed with the installation, but it fails.

What am I missing here? Thanks for the help, Chris.