Hi everyone, sorry for the long post but this has been the upgrade from hell.
I upgraded from NW6.5 SP5 to SP7. I then upgraded the BM3.8 to BM3.9SP1 overlay. No problem. The fun began when a memory module blew just after a reboot following the upgrade and the server would abend on each restart until I replaced it. I continued with the upgrade to BM3.9SP2 this is when the real fun began. The server hardware was now stable but the proxy did not seem to work at all following the upgrade to BM3.9 SP2. I had applied the NSS patch, the TCPIP681k patchs. But even with the filters unloaded I could not get any internet. In desperation I went to IR1 and applied the proxy patch and Bingo! It all starts to work again and I'm done by midnight. Next day I find the internet is down. I do a stopbrd and the server Abends. I restart the server and load the the proxy with a proxy -cc. The server comes up OK and the internet seems to work OK but Citrix was painfully slow.
I saw the TID 7004603 and already had the IR1 Proxy.nlm so I applied the TCP stack from SP8 and that problem was resolved.
Following the upgrade I have 2 issues. I have users that access internal servers which are now slow but it was not a problem before the upgrade. I uncheck the proxy in IE or FF and access to the servers works perfectly.
The other problem is, users seem to have problems with hotmail or gmail or other sites that require a login. I can login I can see the mail, when I click on the mail it doesn't open. I wait 1 or 2 minutes and it opens. We use rules and filters but even if I unload the filters it's still slow. So its something to do with the proxy. It gives a 504 time out on the page or a DNS server not found. Whats weird is it can work OK one minutes and not work the next on the same PC and I have no rules on my account. It seems to be doing it my other BM wireless firewall as well now which I didn't touch.I just don't get it.
The one thing, but I doubt its related, is that the server comes up with a server.exe U4534543453 which is still a leftover memory config from the previous optimisation. Should I get rid of that or is it still good?