Hi folks,

This is my first year of GW8 running on OES2L.

Previously running various GW versions on NW.

I am used to using jrbimprt to do a bulk import of new users. This has always worked well. Having some issues with it now, have gone from GW7 to GW8 and NW to OES2L in one step (don't know what's causing the process not to work, the OS change or just the GW version upgrade).

jrbimport is successfully creating new users in the tree, their home dirs and assigning rights correctly on an OES2L system (previously this was NW as well). It chokes on creating GW accounts though:

JRBIMPRT: Failed to connect to GroupWise via domain object MYDOM.Grpwise..
JRBIMPRT: Failed to connect to GroupWise via path g:\

Instead of the mapped drive, have tried specifying a UNC path in the control file as well: \\gwserver\DATA\grpwise\db\dom

Can someone tell me if they are using jrbimprt with GW8 successfully?

Is there another tool that I could look at? Could use jrb get the users into eDir and do the home dirs etc, then use another tool to create GW accounts for the users - I really need to be able to set their passwords from a text file as well therefore can't just use C1.