I'm new to these forums and have a couple of questions regarding scripting and groupwise

I've had a look around and can't find any communities where this seems to be done to any extent (Excepting people writing apps)

I'm looking to perform the following tasks and would like if possible to do this from a script (preferably VBScript) and from a central location

1. Add a forwarding address to a mailbox - so mail that would be ordinarily delivered to the mailbox would be redirected elsewhere

2. Report delegate (proxy) permissions present on a mailbox - using only a script or free tools from which the output can be collected by a script

3. Disable mailbox access for a given user (without preventing them access to other resources)

Now from what I've seen so far #1. isn't possible - as the only way to put a forwarder on a mailbox is through a rule in the mailbox itself - is this correct?

Additionally is the only way to give proxy rights to a mailbox (from within the mailbox itself? Or can this be given centrally? (without using a trusted Application))

Thanks in advance for any help