Hi all,

This is kind of like seeking presales advise.

I just recently discovered CIFS and I think it shows some promise.
The server is Linux OES2sp1b on SLES10sp3 with Zenworks 7 and is in
I would like to remove Client32 from the workstations and map the shares
with Zenworks policies.

It would be preferable to have the users see the Windows logon not the
Zenworks logon.

In samba, a share can be set "browsable = no". How does this work with

As new users are added is there a way to automatically add their home
directory to the CIFS shares?

Is CIFS mature enough to be a PDC?

I have a share that the entire planet has read only access to that
contains a few repair and getting started utilities. I didn't see how to
set that up with CIFS, guest access. Can I?

Thanks in advance
Bob Crandell
Assured Computing, Inc.