I'm having problems with my rules and filters and probably have messed
things up in the process. I have two SBS 6.0 SP5 servers, one has GroupWise
6. installed and the GWIA loaded. The second server has BM installed and a
single public and single private interface.

Now I'm confused as to whether I'm using SMTP proxy or filters or SMTP
rules, etc. All I need to do is allow my internal workstations access to
the internet, and my GroupWise GWIA to send and accept SMTP for our single

It doesn't look like the standard BM3.7 filters are enough, but I'm not sure
where/what filters to actually use.

I also have Craig Johnson's books and I've managed to confuse myself more.
This is easy with my old Cisco router!

Any help would be super appreciated, I've spent to many hours away from
family lately working on this!