(Sorry for the cross post. I realized after posting in the Install forum
that it makes
more sense to post in this forum.)

I am having some problems with my BorderManager 3.8 SP3 filter exceptions.
Filter exceptions that I create in iManager look fine. Also, per Craig's
suggestion, I have named my Public Interface 'Public' and the private
interface 'Private'. However, when I go into Filtcfg and look at them, I
see that next to the 'Source Interface' field, it says "PRIVATE (Public)".
And next to the 'Destination Interface field' it says "PUBLIC (Public)".

Why does the word '(Public)' appear after what is my Private interface? I
went into NWAdmin to confirm that my interfaces were marked correctly and
they are. The Public IP is only checked 'Public' and the private IP is only
checked 'Private'.

What's going on?