Hello all,

Running the somewhat old-and-trusted BM 3.5 SP3 on NW5.1sp7.
This BM server is running 12 zones, meaning it's connected (trunked) to 12
different VLAN's on a single physical adapter (Broadcom using the B57 and
BASP drivers).

Admittedly, the OS support (in inetcfg) for using these drivers is somewhat
incomplete as far as I can see, because I manually has to write a load
statement for the physical B57 driver, in the autoexec.ncf, before the
"initialize system".
And when adding new VLANs (by INSerting under boards in inetcfg) I manually
has to fix up some of the parameters in the netinfo.cfg file. As a result,
"reinitialize system" doesn't always work as expected so I've made a special
NCF file for unloading/loading/binding the LAN drivers when/if neccesary.

Anyway, this has worked OK for years.

Now, for some reason (maybe after addition of another VLAN), it seems the
interface names in the config are somehow mixed up. In filtcfg/configure IP
filters/packet forwarding filters/exceptions, when create a rule and select
the correct source or destination interface, the rule doesn't work. I have
to select "any" interface in order to match the rule.

This is bad enough of course, but the REAL problem is the same thing seems
to apply to the rules in filtcfg/configure IP filters/packet forwarding
filters/filters! In effect, the default "deny all" rule associated with the
external interface doesn't work either, leaving the network unprotected!!

I've been sniffing aroung in the netinfo.cfg, tcpip.cfg, filters.cfg,
interface.cfg wihout seeing anything obviously wrong. In particular, in the
netinfo.cfg, one of the BEGINBOARD / BEGINPORT sections has parameter:

Where else is the actual link between interface names and the driver? Any
ideas, please?