We have a site to site vpn with several different locations.

The problem I am having is that from 1 specific site, 1 machine cannot ping
1 specific ip address at another site. This machine can ping everything at
the other site except this one address. If I unload the filters at the
remote site, it can ping the address. I have looked through the filters and
cannot find any filter that would be causing this. There is no NAT
translation to this machine.

On the flip side, I am able to get to web services running on the remote
machine from the machine that cannot ping it.

I have attached the filters.cfg file in case anyone would like to look
through it. INterface CE100B_1 is the public interface. The machine I am
trying to ping is and the ip address of the machine I am
trying to ping from is

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.