Sarbanes Oxley legislation now requires us to grant and revoke external
access by contractors or support companies on a per incident basis.

Whereas before it was OK for us to give permanent access into our systems
if we thought it necessary, we now can't.

I was wondering if there was any way we can set up say filters (maybe 1,
maybe 5) for allowing external access to our finance system and save these
somehow in an NCF file so we could just issue the command:


to grant access
and then to revoke access:


I very much doubt this is possible without entensive use of Java or similar
but maybe someone knows different.

(I would also guess that anything that could do this would need to filtsrv
migrate every time too.)

Obviously we could do this manually but our particular finance system
requires 5 separate filters so the only solution we have at the moment to
speed things up is to set up the filters but set them as PRIVATE interface
to PRIVATE interface then set it to PUBLIC to PRIVATE on each filter as and
when required.

An NCF would be better since we could CRON it to revoke access and then not
have to remember to revoke manually.

Thanks for any help.