My bosses GW client shows the folder as "Trash" with the proper icon, but when I perform an IMAP query I see the actual name of the folder in the database is "Unnamed_Folder.dup1".

Since it's a system folder, running the deldup has no affect.
Since it's a system folder I can't delete it or rename it (as far as I know).

Functionally, when my boss deletes mail on her phone, NotifyLink doesn't see a "Trash" folder to place the item into and creates one on the fly. My boss then has 2 folders named "Trash" in the GW client - one is the system trash, the other is trash from NotifyLink. The GW Client seems to be confused by this and can only display the contents of the system trash account for each folder - you can't see the items from NotifyLink. If I rename the NotifyLink trash folder so it doesn't match the system folder, I can then see the contents, but the next time an item is deleted, I get a second Trash folder again.

Is there any way to properly rename the actual database name of the Trash folder?
Or, a way to delete the trash folder and let the system re-create it?
Running GW 8.0.1 and the account has existed since GW4 days.