Can fill in the blanks anyway you like on that one. <g>

Sorry for the slant but that's about where we currently stand.

Senario: Imanager 2.5, BM3.8sp3 + IR, updated Imanager npm for BM. Filters have been working along pretty well for a number of months. However, yesterday I attempted to add an exception in imanager and the application it was intended for (GeeWhiz 2.0) couldn't update during install. Check the filter in imanager and it was there, checked in filtcfg it was not there. Also noticed that all of the previously configured exceptions their service type was blank. Don't ask me how they were working. Are blank service types the same as "Any"?

Anycase checked in filt.cfg and the exceptions weren't there anymore either. Nice....
Had a backup of the file somewhere but can remember where the heck I stored it. So decided to go from scratch and reset to default. Restoring defaults through imanager or the old way via brdcfg, replaces all the filters but with the same issue, that being, all service types are blank. If you open the individual exceptions up the comments are all their but you end up having to select each service type manually as nothing is entered.

So fine I can do this manually but hey someone should know about this. Should I post this as a bug report?

NW65sp3OES by the way


Martin Stepanek, CNE
Barrie, Ontario Canada