We have been running Groupwise with both outlook clients and groupwise
clients this past year. I reconfigured our firewall over the weekend and
while the groupwise clients are working fine, I cannot get the outlook
clients to work. (WebAccess also works fine) I can send and receive mail
to OTHER external mail servers from behind the firewall with outlook, but
I cannot send and receive mail to MY OWN external mail server with

Presently the GWIA is running on the public side of the BorderServer. I
have made exceptions for POP and SMTP. I have tried to make exceptions
for LDAP, but I don't know if I have them set right, and I'm not sure
that I need them.

What ports need to be open for Outlook to authenticate my users? All I
get now from outlook is -ERR Groupwise Login Failed

I have tried sniffing from my workstation, but I don't see anything
pertinent to my problem.

Thanks for any help.