I've got a user on Windows 7 running the new Novell client for it. When he
boots, there are 3 "buttons." I am not sure of the correct terminology for
them. One I assume is a "workstation only" type login labeled "AFB." Next
is a lowercase "afb" and the other is a "Novell Login." It appears the
"afb" and Novell Login are the same thing.

We are wondering why there can't be one login like there used to be. Or at
least just the workstation one and the Novell one would be cool. No idea
what the lowercase "afb" one is.

Little background. . .the user got the laptop while I was out of town and
took it upon himself to begin setting some stuff up. He created his login
on the laptop as "AFB2" because he thought it would interfere with stuff if
he made it "AFB" his normal login. Grrrrrrrrr. . . .anyhow. . .I renamed his
Windows account back to AFB but somewhere Windows 7 still considers him AFB2
because we are getting the second pop up for the Windows login screen. It
just dawned on me where I can fix that, I think, but it would be great if
anyone had any insight on how to just get the two logins: Workstation Only
and Novell.