Hi all,

I have to configure a new user Source in ZCM. I actually have an eDir user source that work as it should be. I tried to add a second User Sources. This one is connect to AD. Each time that I tried to login to the AD i got the error "unable to log into the network because the login credentials or the server certificate is incorrect". So I start so troubleshooting step...

I had remove the eDir user sources and keep only the AD user source, uninstall the zcm agent and install a fresh copy if the agent on a new vm. I got the same error. Then I add the edir user sources and I have no trouble to connect the this user source.

In the AD source configuration, I see the green light and I'm able to browse and find user in the ZCC. Do I need to import the certificate of the User source server into the workstation?

have you any clue?