I deployed 10.2.2 on my single ZCC 2K3R2 server and a fresh Win7 install on a HP DC7900 with 2GB memory. The login on the DC7900 before the install was 20 seconds. After the install it was 2 minutes 40 seconds. I mainly use ZCM for the Application Window. Using the same agent on an XPsp3 workstation does not noticably affect login time.

I could not use ZCM on XPsp3 until Zen 10.2 came out and fixed slow logins. Now I can not use it with Win7 until there is another fix or workaround.

I will try to configure the agent settings to the minium and see if I can affect the login time on a Win7 workstation.

Are others experiencing login inappropriate login issues and what are you doing about it.