I've installed Netstorage on an NW65SP8 server which appears to function correctly.
When remote users log in they get their mapped drives visible, which they are able to browse, and they are denied access to areas to which they haven't been granted permissions.
So far so good
However when users browse their folders and tick a file they wish to work on, and
then select "File" "Download", the server appears to respond with a time bar loading a page
However it never actually asks them where to download the file and then it just finishes
I've checked all over for the file but it definitely hasn't been downloaded
In addition, if I then select "File" "Download & lock" it reports back that the file is busy
So, not much use to the users at present
They can see a list of all their files and folders
They double click an individual file and it will open in their web browser
But they can't check a file or folder and download it to make alterations
Tried it as admin with the same results so it wouldn't appear to be a trustee rights issue
Any advice leading to a solution would be much appreciated