Someone Please help!!.

I am trying to setup a VPN connection for one of our consultant companies to
be able to have remote access to one of our servers. This server is running
W2K3 and it is a member of an active directory domain.

The connection is coming thru a Novell server running BM3.7 (i havent
acutally configured anything in bordermanager I have only done the
configuration at the filtcfg level and I have open all ports both ways IP to
IP to make sure it works, I have also added a rule for protocol 47 going
both ways aswell.

The W2K3 server itself and AD have been configured to allow remote access to
it, like you have to, but the connection just cant be made. It gets stuck on
the verifying username and password section. The W2K3 server reports an
error in the error log about the connection not being able to be made, and
mentions that the likely cause is the firewall (but this has all been

Can anyone shed any light on why this isnt working???.