Hi all,

Windows 7, with latest client SP2 for Win 7.

After about 3/4 of a day, xtsvcmgr.exe starts consuming 100% of CPU.

It completely kills my machine. I'm going to have to resort to creating a scheduled task to restart the service every hour or something.

I've stopped mapping drives and just put links to network locations in my explorer favourites, that hasn't helped.

Running Netware 6.0 (yes, 6.0) and SLP is configured with a named scope and DA's. In addition to the above issue, when I do log in, I have to put the server name in the login window otherwise I get "server or tree cannot be found".. indicating an SLP issue. However, as the client has no tools for debugging this (ie. slpinfo like we used to have), how am I supposed to know what the issue is?
Our 4000+ workstations running Windows XP have no issue accessing the tree. SLPDA's are configured statically on every PC (not handed out by dhcp).