I have been having a problem with Full Backup of Symantec Backus Exec
for the 3rd weekend in a row.
It was always fast now it is very slow.
Here is the current job that is still running.
Directories: 121906
Files: 86354258 Elapsed time: 44:44:00
Bytes: 1248091.5 MB
I read this as 1.2TB: but look at the size and used space is only 790GB.

df -h
SANVOL1 2.0T 790G 1.3T 39% /media/nss/SANVOL1

SANVOL1 /media/nss/SANVOL1 nssvol
noauto,rw,name=SANVOL1,ns=long,norename,noatime,no diratime 0 0
State: mounted
β”‚β”‚β”‚ Supported Name Space(s): Dos Long Macintosh Unix
β”‚β”‚β”‚ Name Space: long

Can anyone see what I am missing?