I'm having a little problem with moving ZEN Imaging from one server to an other one.

I have installed Imaging and PXE on a SLES 10 server lets say server2.
I have disabled it on server1. Server1 (sles 10 oes2)is also running the dhcp. On server2 I have changed the option in the novell-proxydhcp.conf that LocalDHCPFlag = 0. On server1 I have changed DHCP option 60 PXEClient. I have removed this option. I also changed option 66 the TFTP Server name in server2. When I restart the dhcp and want to try PXE boot the client doesn't get a IP address and a boot file. When i turn off zenimaging on server2 and turn it on on server1 with the option in the dhcp back to normal it works. What to I have to change to make zenimaging work on server2 with PXE Boot.