Hi. I need to run HP Library & Tape Tools to upgrade firmware on my FC SAN attached MSL6030 and the LTO-3 drives in it. Step one in L&TT instructions say to unload the backup software. In my case, with CA Arcserve 11.1 sp3, that unloads the device drivers. This means the tape drives show up as unbound devices using List Devices. So, I know NWTAPE is the NetWare driver for the tape drives, but I need more because this MSL is attached to the NetWare 6.5 sp8 server through a FC SAN switch. Server has a QLogic card w/ QL2x00.HAM loaded. So, what NetWare drivers do I have to load so the server will see the MSL and the tape drives, so HP LTT can see them and upgrade firmware?