Running NetWare 6.5/SP8 (don't have latest patches for Win7 support yet).
Mac is running OSX 10.5.8 patched up to date.

Trying to install printer from the iPrint page I get the notorious "The filter(s) specified in the PPD could not be found/resolved."

Typically when this happens it mean I have to manually install a packaged driver on each Mac, then I can install the printer via iPrint. This time it doesn't work, and I'm stumped.

PPD excerpt:

*cupsFilter: "application/vnd.cups-postscript 0 /Library/Printers/RICOH/Filters/jobLogFilterC"
*APDialogExtension: "/Library/Printers/RICOH/PDEs/ricohJobLogC.plugin"
*cupsICCProfile CMYK../CMYK Profile: "/Library/Printers/RICOH/Profiles/RICOH Aficio MP C2800:C3300 CS.icc"

I have verified that these items are all in the locations they are supposed to be in, yet it still won't install.

I tried installing via iprntcmd from a terminal session on the Mac and got this:

#iprintcmd -a iprint://
iprntcmd v04.40.00
Adding printer <printer uri>
Failed to add printer <printer uri>
Group Info: IPRINT-lib
Error Code: 4112 (0x1010)
Error Msg: iPrint Lib - The response from the serer contained bad syntax.
Debug Msg: MyCupsDoFileRequest - IPP NOT FOUND