I am being tasked with Migrating several (10) NW servers from NW 6.5 SP 6 to OES2 Linux servers. A couple of questions

1.) I want to update the servers first from SP6 to SP8 making sure to add any additional patches as needed. (I pretty much figure to get them all to the same SP level)

2.) I am not sure what services are running on each of the boxes, I will assume that one of the NW boxes hosts their GW system, and I am wondering on that box what is the Migration/Upgrade procedure to follow? Do I set up a test Linux box move the GroupWise system to it and then Migrate or what is the preferred method for Migrating GW and NW?

3.) My thoughts are to of course do the Master Replica server for the patches, eDirectory updates, etc. first, and then work towards the lower levels of the NW environment, but should I change all of the servers at once, or do them in a progression maybe a couple at a time and see how their network responds?

4.) I am unclear if they are using iPrint or if they are still on NDPS, would it be better to Migrate the environment or just create the new iPrint environment from Scratch.

5.) Another thought would be to introduce an OES2 Linux server into the environment as a R/W replica giving them a chance to "try-it" out so to speak.

Any thoughts or ideas especially about Question number 2 would be greatly appreciated.