Well im back!

The abind problem I was having was a hardware issue (dont ask :-( )

But.. I found something out interesting... I am still having issues with
IP connectivity...

This is a email server, I have a email gateway forwarding emails to the
server after filtering... This gateway is STILL communicating FINE with
the primary IP address, it is getting the email just fine.. When I try to
ping from another machine for the first time, I get one response, then I
get dropped.. I can not even telnet x.x.x.x 25 to get into the mail server
UNLESS I USE THE SECONDARY IPADDRESS.. I can commmunicate to that IP
address without a problem at all. What am i missing, this is driving me
crazy!!!! =(


I came in the next day and it was working fine, I checked it later in the
day and it doesn't work again???? Email is still passing threw, it seams to
be only new connections? I unloaded all filter modules..