Here's the scenario.

I have Netware 5.1 nds 8.85c(not edirectory) with 4 volumes(native netware volumes, not NSS)

I just finish installing SUSE 10 SP2 with OES 2, created 4 volumes(NSS) to match the netware 5.1 volumes. I don't want to migrate, I want a new edirectory, with all the user and group objects from the netware NDS. I'm willing to create all the objects on the OES 2. I can restore all the files from the native netware volumes to the new NSS volumes, by just copying. I backup trustees using trustbar or trustee.nlm

Here's the problem:
1. what is the easiest way on how to create user and group objects on the new OES2 server. ( LDIF according to lots of articles ) but how base on my given scenario. How will i create LDIF files base on the NDS objects of netware 5.1

UIMPORT is the best on netware, is their any equivalent to uimport for OES2?

2. After creating the users and group objects, how can i restore the trustees, since i don't have any problems copying and pasting the files to the new NSS volume.

Thank you very much in advance everybody.