Win 7 pro 64 - Domain member in DSfW Domain on OES2SP2 Linux;
no Novell Client installed connected to the DSfW server via Samba, to
another OES2SP2 server via Samba and to a NW6.5SP8 server via CIFS all
on the same physical and logical subnet.
Both non DsfW servers are not Domain members but are using the same
workgroup name as the domain.

Connection to the two OES2SP2 servers via Samba is working as any other
connection to those servers via Samba really good - besides of the
known performance limitations of Samba.

Connection to the NW 6.5SP8 server via CIFS has the following issues:

Initial connection and mapping via scripts does work if the computer
was not used for some time (some hours). If the computer is just
rebooted or was only down for a short time (several minutes) you get
script errors, which tell you that you could not map drives to the NW
6.5 SP8 box. (Despite of this message they are mapped and shown as not
connected in Explorer.)

If you are using those shares you get problems with Explorer. Every
second time Explorer does a rescan of a directory before displaying it,
(because you created a new file or folder, moved a file or folder or
deleted something on the NW 6.5 share) explorer hangs on the rescan for
a really long time (can be up to 30 minutes or more), which i always
shorten by killing eplorer.exe and starting a new instance.

This only happens on connections to the NW server, never on any other
connection (Samba and real windows from inside and outside of the

Any ideas to this?

W. Prindl