We have been running contextless login for about 6 months with no issues - until recently. We are running Netware 6.5 and Novell Client 4.91 SP5 for Windows on XP PCs (SP3).

Just recently a few PCs are popping up a dialog box after typing in the user's name and hitting the tab key. All other machines the behavior is perfect - type in the username, hit tab, and it quickly changes to all CAPS and allows you to type in the password. The ones that are having problems pop up a dialog box and show 2 identical usernames (and identical contexts). If you pick with of them the dialog box goes away and allows you to type in the password and login successfully.

I haven't found anything on the other forums so I decided to start this post hoping that somebody has seen this before.

I have run DSTRACE on login attempts from 2 different PCs (one that works normally and one that is having the problem). I used the same username and according to the DSTRACE logs the LDAP process is identical.... Appears to be a workstation/client issue. If anybody has any ideas I would appreciate it if they would share.... Thanks!