Hope this is right place to ask..
Created a new bundle that only has an "install dir" task. The directory in question has 700MB and around 3500 files or so (Wordperfect 14). It also runs from an setup.exe tied to msi's.. blah. Its also set to copy the files to "%temp%\wp14" Anyway..

Created bundle, assigned it to a user.. went to my VM that is already logged in as that user.. right click > refresh. its been taking about 5 mins to complete the refresh.. even though I havent even double clicked the icon to install the app. What is it doing?! I must be missing something..

Also, after uploading the files through Control Center..I noticed the db.exe and zenloader.exe maxing out the cpu for about 10/15 mins. believe this was just it putting the files I uploaded wherever it needed to be..

Can anyone explain the 5 min refresh? the local cache/content-repo hasnt grown