Hey Guys, I am running Netware 6.5 SP8 and I have noticed lately that my CPU Utilization is very high, it usually hovers around 90% - 100% and often times goes into a "suspect" state.

There have been no abbends yet, but the performance is sluggish.

Here is what the health log says:

Tuesday, 1-26-2010 2:20 pm
CPU Utilization-0 on server JNIFP0 was in a SUSPECT State
Current Value - 94
Peak Value - 100
Max Value - 100
Current SUSPECT threshold = More than 90 % Utilization and Critical threshold = More than 95 % Utilization
Current SUSPECT trigger delay = 120 and Critical trigger delay = 240
Any thought?

P.S. - I am very new to Novell, so please be patient with me. Thank you!