Does anyone have information on how the local cache is supposed to work for users that authenticate against a realm in ZCM? We are doing testing to see how ZCM reacts when servers die, network links drop or other things of that nature.

My testing scenario is this:
1.) Log into workstation with network cable connected and using Novell Client (no ws only checked).
Result: User logs in fine and auth is processed by server and both ws and user associated app icons show on desktop

2.) Log off workstation, disconnect network cable.

3.) Log into workstation with ws only on in Novell Client with same user as #1
Expected Result: User is cached and login proceeds to desktop without intervention and app icons seen from #1 should still be seen.
Result: ZCM prompts to log into realm. After logging in with the same credentials as #1, ZCM states: "Cached login information is not available". After clicking cancel desktop is shown and ws associated app icon does show, but no user associated app icons show.

I know CASA has a role to play and I have enabled debug, but have no idea what to make of the results.

My first assumption is that it should be possible to log into the ZCM realm disconnected. I would just assume that newly assigned icons/policies would not be cached and not show up in this state.

I fought with certificates and DNS in the past, but I know for sure that this environment is good. The server is resolvable and the certs have the correct names.

I have to note that I am using Beta3 so maybe a bug?