In ZfD 7 it was possible to prompt the user before distribution...

Can't seem to find that option in ZCM 10. I know it is possible to prompt the user as an "Install" or "Launch" action.

I would like to inform my users that a bundle takes 10 minutes to download. If I add a "Promtp User" action under "Install" the prompt will not appear until after the bundle has downloaded from the content-repo. And if it's a larger bundle like Acrobat Pro or Office it often takes 10 to 20 minuttes to download.

If "Show Bundle Activity" is disabled nothing seems to happens from the users point of view - often resulting in the users clicking the icons multiple times, which will result in an error message.

Also tried making a kind of launch bundle which only job is to:
1) Prompt the user
2) Launch the main bundle
But it seems that ZENworks download the contents of both bundles before taking any actions; ie. display the prompt.