My old laptop (HP DV9020us) got too flaky to use. It would reboot continually and "catch" about every 10 cycles and boot. Once booted, it would work fine till shutdown. The screen or cable to screen has a problem where you'd get purple distortion unless it was opened well beyond 90 degrees. I called HP and since it was out of warranty, there were no options to repair it.

I found on the web. What a nightmare. Prior to sending it to them, I installed a spare HD I occasionally use for backup with a fresh install of Vista. I enclosed a letter explaining the issues along with my cell phone. They contacted me via email after "diagnosing" and told me the HD was defective. There method/justification for this.... the laptop wouldn't boot with the HD, but it checked out ok outside of the laptop. $130 later (shipping both ways plus diagnostic fee) I'm still waiting for my laptop to return.

I went to the HP website. By the time I configured a laptop the way I wanted it, I was over $2500. Not wanting to spend that much, but needing a laptop within a couple days due to travel, I purchased an HP dv7-3165dx for $769 at a local CompUSA. I've gotten hooked on having laptops with 2 hard drives. I also had been eying solid state drives for over 6 months, but the high performance SLC SSD's were so expensive.

I rationalized purchasing the SSD since I didn't buy the expensive laptop. I got the 64gb Solid State Drive - Intel X25-E Extreme SATA Solid State Drive
then installed Windows 7 Pro. Actually I had installed it on a regular 7200rpm sata HD, and then imaged that to the SSD with Acronis workstation.

Wow. System boots in 23 seconds. Apps open in seemingly 1/10th the time.

I haven't been this happy with a purchase in I don't know how long. I've got the os, apps, & groupwise caching store on the ssd, all my other "junk", vm's, service packs, iso's, on the 2nd HD (a 500gb 7200).

I haven't had pc that feels this fast in a long time. I'm now proselytizing SSD. Everybody should get one.