in case anyone else runs into this problem, havent really seen it yet here in the forums:

Windows 2008 64bit, be careful with installing JDK64bit.

The Apache Service wont start (if you set it up to start as service).

Itll appear fine in the Services Panel, but wont start.

Spent days on it, until finding this article:

If you are running 64-bit Windows, please note that Apache Tomcat cannot run as a Windows service if you are using a 64-bit JDK. Please ensure that you are using a 32-bit JDK. (If you used the automated xxxx Installer, you will not run into this problem because a 32-bit JDK has already been installed for you.) For more information, please refer to CONF-12293 for a workaround if you intend to continue using the 64-bit JDK.

Start Confluence automatically on Windows as a Service - Confluence Docs 3.1 - Atlassian Documentation - Confluence