Very simple setup--one domain, one PO, OES SP2, SLES SP3, GW 7.0.3HP4,
ConsoleOne 1.3.6h--Finally successfully migrated GW 7 from NW 6.5 to OES
server this past weekend--GW and DMS working fine (users are commenting on
increased speed even) except for glitch discovered today. We followed the
migration documentation to the letter and all objects are viewable and
manageable in ConsoleOne. Today, I tried to add an entry to a table in Doc
Properties Maintenance from ConsoleOne and it returned an error "Post Office
cannot be found at the specifed location". I can, however, use the
gwdpmb32.exe with the PO location switch and successfully update the tables.
I assume some setting is amiss somewhere to run this particular module from
ConsoleOne but cannot figure out where. Any suggestions where to look are