I am new in Novell Identity Manager.
I have Windows Server 2003 SP2
Following things I have installed on the system for Novell Identity manager 3.6.1 in following order.

1) jdk-1_5_0_15-windows-i586-p.exe
2) Identity_Manager_3_6_1_User_Application_Provisioni ng.iso (JbossMysql.exe)
3) eDirectory_88SP5_Windows_x32.iso (Setup.exe located in nt folder)
4) iMan_27_win.zip (iManagerInstallWin.exe)
5) Identity_Manager_3_6_1_Designer_Win.iso (Install.exe)
6) Identity_Manager_3_6_1a_Win.iso (idm_install.exe)

After successfull installation, I have stared JBoss,MySQL and Tomcat.When I typed on browser
http://My System IP address:8080/IDM
error is coming requested resource not available, One more thing, There is no any folder named IDM in Jboss or Tomcat.
Please assist me how to access User Application Administration Console