Hello, I saw many posts related to this problem 82 error, but one of my users has his own personal archive stored on his laptop, and I couldn't find any related posts. His archive worked fine until a couple of weeks ago, but now, every time he opens an archived email with an attachment, he can read the email, but cannot open the attachment.

I copied his archive folder to my laptop, ran a GWCHECK --> Analyze/Fix Databases with the following options checked:
- Structure
- Index check
- Contents
- Collect statistics
- Fix problems

The results included:
- ngwguard.db is structurally consistent
- structural verification of archive message database is consistent

But it seems EVERY message that he received with an attachment gives this error:
- Problem 82-Inaccessible attachment file [path to the email msg...]
- Item sent by: <user>
- Item sent on: <date>
- Item sent to: <user>
- Attach type: Message

Is there anything I should be looking at or any other options I should be trying within GWCHECK? Thanks.