On our OES2SP2 (we mirated from NW6.5) we have a problem regarding eps files.

If MAC for example try to import/Link an eps file into a QuarkExpress Document, than the file is not displayed as preview and after the import the file is not displayed as image (QuarkExpress shows a grey box).

If you open the eps file from Photoshop and save the file back than the above mentioned process works without any problems.

i searched through forums and found an older posting saying to rebuild the Desktop.afp wich i did (within Imanger) but the problem still exists.

has anyone an idea how to fix this ?

For a Test i wrote a small script within Photoshop, where i open the files, add comment and save the eps file again. This works but has two problems, we have so many eps file(ok this is more a time problem) but not all eps files belong to photoshop, if you open an eps wich was not created within photoshop than photoshop wants to "raster" the eps file.

So any other solution is preferred.