Currently the last post of information in reference to my question shows as follows:

there is not a way to create a group. From the client side, you can
create folders and organize users that way. From the server side, you
can add an eDir group object to the contact list but it will
automatically be broken out by user rather than just adding the group

If you are interested in a group in Messenger so that you can chat with
more than one person at a time, currently you can do that by inviting
users to her chat, or by highlighting multiple users and then clicking
on Send Message. That will automatically invite everyone to the chat.

I will submit an enhancement request.

Has Novell or anyone released a way to do this as of yet or a new version that has this enhancement, this post was back in 2005 so I don't know if it was ever done and I have searched for it in the Novell Documentation, maybe I missed it..